Brand Story

Giusy La Maison Deluxe is much more than a luxury clothing and accessories store. It is a story that embraces glamor and elegance, making them accessible to all. For decades in the fashion industry, Giusy has been synonymous with timeless style and unparalleled quality.

We are committed to making high fashion accessible to everyone, and we do this by offering luxury accessories at affordable prices. At Giusy La Maison Deluxe, beauty and style know no financial boundaries. Furthermore, we want to make the purchase of fine garments even easier by offering the possibility of installment payments.

Our history is interwoven with a passion for fashion, dedication to excellence and the desire to make every customer part of our style family. We are proud to present not just clothes and accessories, but an authentic luxury experience, born from years of experience in the industry.

Choose Giusy La Maison Deluxe, where high fashion becomes a story to live, wear and love."